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Asset Management

Low Power Wide Area Data Monitoring

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Today, public and private Enterprises leverage focussed data sets generated by IoT devices to understand better asset or infrastructure utilisation, condition, and efficiency.

Smaller assets, for example, a set of gullies or drains that City Councils require to keep a city from flooding, can be connected to empower managing teams in understanding the condition of these distributed assets.

Larger assets, for example, a portfolio of Retail buildings that are looking to use less energy can be easily instrumented to gain insights into the usage of electricity, water, gas or oil and enable decision makers to accurately scope energy saving projects.

danalto’s distributed IoT platform uses LoRa® network technology which supports both device and data services, helping Enterprises deploy end-to-end asset management solutions.

Data Monitoring Possibilities

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danalto IoT Platform


danalto IoT Platform
on your own devices 

Smartphones • Laptops

Monitor your assets and enjoy business-critical data

Asset Management with danalto IoT

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Connected Devices

Low power sensors designed for collection, measurement and distribution of data among Smart Districts and Buildings
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Managing LoRa® devices and network deployed, data management and enabling applications northbound
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Analytical Data

Integration ready to Smart City & Buildings Operation System and Data Management platforms. Cloud and mobile App enabled, with SMS alerts, emails and integrations (eg. to Slack)
danalto Sensors to Cloud to Data

Asset Management
Smart Districts & Buildings

10 meter range
10 KM Range
QR code authentication
Automated Commissioning Provisioning
Tracking on a phone
User-defined Thresholds – Alerting
Maintenance every 8 years
4+ Year Deployment No Maintenance
Weather monitoring
Event-driven Messaging
danalto UI graphic
3rd Party    Integration
temperature monitoring
-20°C / +75°C Operating Temp.
120 grams weight
Light Weight
24/7 connection
24/7 Contact SMS, Email, Apps

Asset Management: Use Cases

Use case: Smart Home

Measuring the effectiveness of Renewable Energy sources
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Graphic representing data a smart home






Use case: Smart District - Scotland

Connecting public buildings for reduced carbon footprint
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Graphic representing data coming from smart municipal public buildings



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