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Asset Tracking

Low Power Wide Area tracking

Asset Tracking

Native to LoRa Networking technology is the ability to passively track device’s location across the network.  Radio signals are interrogated in order to determine position and location and this capability is possible without the help of traditional technologies like GPS, BLE, UWB or WiFi.

Depending on which Frequency Band is being used (868MHz or 2.4GHz), time difference of arrival or two way ranging is used to uncover the device’s location.  danalto offer these location services as part of their solution set and have seen use cases in palette tracking for better operations, warehouse vehicle tracking for reduced energy initiatives and people tracking for better Health and Safety procedures.

danalto’s latest location service offering uses LoRa at 2.4GHz and can achieve accuracies of 5-10m over a 10km area with tags that operate at a low power and last for 5 years +.

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