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What is Cardinal?

A complete end-to-end solution

Cardinal is universal software suite of tools and services specifically for ultra low energy IoT, devices, systems and applications.  Specifically geared towards large scale device population deployment and management, over the full lifecycle, Cardinal is Built from the  latest cloud infrastructure and software technologies to provide the velocity, richness and scaleability demanded for the world of IoT.

Cardinal has been designed form the bottom up for the purpose of enabling next generation Enterprise service providers to reliably provide the data assurance, lifecycle management and cloud levers for large populations of incumbent, or new, IoT connected assets and entities.

Any Enterprise can be a IoT Virtual Network Operator with Cardinal!

Cardinal ™

Cardinal brings devices, data, connectivity and applications together in a single, unified intelligent platform for low-energy massive IoT deployment.

The benefits of Cardinal in a chart

Cardinal in use in the GullySpy Solution

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