danalto services and technologies start with the deployed IoT device.  The service assurance, data integrity and ultimate value to the business starts here.  Mistakes deployed are can very expensive, especially when you are considering the ultimate scale and value to your business. danalto cannot emphasis how  imperative it is to only have trusted, secure, standard, hardened and validated devices in your IoT estate. 

danalto have been working with most of the low power wide area device manufacturer for years testing, validating, provocatively testing, configuring, debugging, profiling and managing.  This knowledge has allowed us to assess the long term benefits and weaknesses of devices, particularity important for long lifetime of the low energy devices.  Dimensions of assessment include:

  • function (e.g. sensor type, behaviours, as well as capacity for customisation and configuration)  

  • performance (e.g. low energy modes, accuracies and percision)

  • Security (e.g. standards based, enhanced or hardwired)

  • Identity (e.g. authentication mechanisms)

  • Cost of deployment

  • Field worthiness

Heterogeneity is an inherent aspect of IoT, in that it is normal practice to expect a variety of different sensing and actuation needs to be demanded for a given Use case or application scenario. Devices are rarely independent, but have to work in concert with the broader device deployment.  This ultimately comes together at the Business Intelligence layer of the Enterprise, but must be understood from the outset, managed on an ongoing basis across the IoT estate.

danalto work closely with the broad low energy eco-system (over 250) on current and next generation devices in order to meet the needs of the most demanding Enterprise Use Cases and application.  In addition to this danalto produce and deliver devices to complement the d-IoT™ Managed Service and turnkey offerings.   Two examples of these are:

  • d - AlignSpy.  A high precision alignment device and service for monitoring the status and quality of  open-path communications links in back- and front-haul core and feeder networks.  Typical clients include Telecom Operators, Tower Operators, Cloud services providers and broadcast companies.

  • d - GullySpy. A robust flood detection and monitoring device and service, deployed into roadside gullies or water traps,  and other critical public infrastructure sites.  Typical clients include Public and Municipal authorities,  hospitals, railways stations operators, airports.  Generally sites  that can be greatly impacted by flooding incidents. 

Key Benefits


  • Proven experience delivering robust IoT devices ready for deployment

  • Device  assurance for service delivery over the extended (~5yr) operating period of Low Power devices

  • Rigorous and tested device validation, configuration and optimisation process in place. 

  • Ability to ensure end to end proof of identity across the network.

  • Validate: perform: secure: identify: deploy

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