danalto IOT

danalto IoT - or d-IoT (as James Joyce would say)

The Internet of Things is fundamentally about connecting the built and natural world so as to sense, monitor and make decisions to optimise , conserve and increase the quality of life for society.   Wireless has been, and will continue to be the main means of providing access to such devices, though this needs to be balanced with the total cost of ownership required of such solutions.  For highly energy constrained, low to medium cost assets and assets that are deployed in a “deploy and forget” manner, Low Power Wide Area Network  found a niche in the provision of such connectivity. Key benefits of this technology are:

  • Iow cost (€10 - €30)

  • Battery operated (5 - 10yrs life)

  • Very large geo-graphical distances (2-5km in urban; 20-30km in rural)

  • Deployed in difficult deployment  scenarios (e.g. basements) 


d-IoT managed Service  is an integrated approach for the delivery of assured device data and analytics services for such devices.  What we do:

  • we figure out what you need.  This is the engineering bit and we do a complete solution design that is right sized to your specific requirement.  Single site, multi-site up to full scale on premises solution.  We ensure your business can make decisions, expand whilst ensuring you can see you business at every stage

  • we chose vendors, configure the devices and network to meet your agreed requirements and deliver data to your data platform, or to a hosting third party

  • we work with the deployment teams to install, commission and stage your solution

  • once accepted, we bring your overall IoT into the production environment and continue to ensure that the IoT DNA of your business meets stringent service levels, so that you can see to your business and watch it grow.

Why danalto and d-IoT?

  • lowest total cost of ownership of any IoT solution

  • carrier grade assurance delivered right to your business

  • access to the broadest base of validated sensors for low powered networks

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