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Managing Flood Risk

Climate change and the location of large urban centres in low lying areas globally, raises the risk of flooding of infrastructure and possible loss of human life. GullySpy has been specifically designed to provide insight and early warning indications of flood risks. Enabled through low energy wide area networks, GullySpy provides flood risk security – securing property and people.

GullySpy is a ruggedized Gully overflow and water level sensor that has been designed for assured operation in Public Gullies and water traps. Deployed for extended periods of time (8 years), with no maintenance, GullySpy provides the “remote” monitoring capability for Gullies, a critical part of any City or Enterprise Campus water management programme.

Coupled with the GullySpy alert and notification Service, forward deployed operational teams have full 24/7 operational visibility across a city. SMS, email and integration into the latest messaging platforms (e.g. slack) are supported.


Gullyspy Devices

GullySpy Devices

GullySpy is a ruggedized Gully overflow and water level sensor that has been designed for assured operation in Public Gullies and water traps.

Cardinal Cloud


Cardinal, danalto's IoT orchestration platform, Bringing devices, data, connectivity and applications together

Analytical Data

Analytical Data

Integration ready to Smart City Operating Systems and Data Management platforms. Cloud and mobile App enabled, with SMS alerts, emails and integrations (e.g. to Slack)

How Cardinal Works

Simple installation

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Benefits of GullySpy

10 km Range
10 km Range
QR Code
QR Code
QR Code Authentication
QR Code
8 Year Deployment
8 Year
No Maintenance
Event Driven Messaging
Event driven
Smart City Integration
Smart city
-20°C / +75°C
Operating Temp.
Weight 120 gms
Light weight
120 grams
24 7 contact
24/7 contact
SMS, Email, Apps

More Smart District Solutions

danalto Smart Districts

danalto offer a range of Smart District solutions such as Air Quality, Citizen Insight(Footfall), River Level and others depending on the area of focus for the Smart District.  Please get in touch to find out more and how you can start on your Smart District journey today.

Air Quality Sensors detecting pollution in certain areas of a district

Air Quality

Improving quality of air - improving quality of life

Air Quality is a key issue concerning the health and wellbeing of citizens as the population of cities increases worldwide.  Granular data on the quality of air down to district, neighbourhood and street level allows stakeholders to quantify the positive impact that environmentally friendly initiatives are having e.g. bike friendly district where diesel cars have been restricted.

Asset Tracking

Citizen Insight: Footfall

Data for optimum city planning

Data regarding the movement of citizens around smart districts allow for better understanding of how and when roads, green areas and construction should be planned and carried out in the best interest of the district. This is achieved by measuring footfall, bicycle and vehicle activity in close to real time. Reporting data frequently across a variety of locations allows for profile mapping at a district, neighbourhood and at a street level.

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