About the job

Danalto is  continuing to rapidly grow our Software Development team and is now recruiting a Senior Engineer.  In the role, you will be at the centre of a fast moving team developing and implementing the latest system software for complex  IoT system services and technologies for our Enterprise and Operator clients.



5+ years industry experience, or equivalent

Main Responsibilities


  • As part of the technology development and implementation team, you will be charged with all aspects from inception, through development and implementation, to test, of technologies and software that support the danalto IoT data and services platform

  • Using the latest tools and software delivery practices for the production of highly scale-able, high performance , deployable and maintainable  software.

  • Using the latest CI/CD methods to deliver high performance systems that are secure, easily deployed and maintained.

  • Working with technology and algorithm developers to translate and integrate  into the over danalto platform.

  • Working with the integration and support teams to troubleshoot issues and provision of solutions.


Ideal candidate


  • Excellent academic qualifications and communication skills, written and verbal

  • Completed a primary (BSc or BE) or post graduate (MSc) degree computer science, Engineering or software engineering related degree, ideally 2.1 or equivalent.

  • A passion for Computer Science and coding and keen to learn new technologies

  • 2+ years experience with working with frameworks, technologies  and tools such as Django, Swagger, Postgres, Cassandra, Docker, kubernetes, Nginx

  • Is proficient and expert in  programming in multiple languages, including Python and NodeJS

  • Experience with the latest Cloud (Public and Private) technologies, and their service components,   including Amazon Web Services, Azure, GCP and Openstack

  • Experience in working and dealing with large complex datasets

  • A keen eye for detail and quality which should be reflected in your outputs

  • Can take initiative and work remotely, singly and as lead of a development team

For further information or to express your interest, please contact