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d-IoT™ is a managed service solution that deploys Sense to Data™ solutions to Enterprises who want to gain insight into operation and energy efficiency, Enterprises that want to automate compliance and Enterprises that want to reduce down-time using predictive maintenance monitoring.  Low Power Wide Area Networks networks allow for devices to operate over long ranges and experience long battery life for many use cases in various industries like Ag-tech, Facilities Management, Transport and Logistics and many more.


d-IoT™  enables new measurement points by deploying sensors or extracting data from existing measurement devices.  Common measurements are temperature / humidity for food monitoring or thermal profiling in buildings, levels of liquids like fuel or rainfall, and solids like grain or waste.  Non-invasive energy monitoring e.g. electricity, water and gas are typical Industrial IoT solutions and data sets that Enterprises also find valuable.

Single campus or across the entire Enterprise, d-IoT™ is designed, engineered and delivered as a replaceable Managed Service, with "sense-to-data" Service Level Agreement.

Key Benefits


  • Cost effective; low-cost dedicated network and low-cost devices compared to traditional cellular / broadband networks

  • Low Power; ~5 yr battery life during normal operation (typical 15min update).

  • Secure; encryption enforced.

  • Dynamic; service can be turned on /off from back end and parameters changed as requirements evolve.

  • Frictionless install; lightweight gateways and battery powered devices with small footprint

  • Validated accuracy; 250+ global suppliers – certified products

  • Over the Top; does not touch in-house IT Systems and uses cellular backhaul to be autonomous in it’s operation 

  • Fully integration to all major cloud hosting platforms:  including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and dedicated.

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