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Business operations demand that integrity, privacy and security are in lock step at every location, at every moment in order to meet the demands of todays commercial environments.  Whether this is a process step, your precious human resources or scare assets,  knowing that your IoT solution understands and can deliver all the intelligence  you need,  as a captive standalone solution, puts Operational and overall business Risk Managers at ease.

danalto's IoT turn key solutions deliver corporate scale packaged solutions that scale as the your business grows and as you deploy IoT further into and across your business operations. 

Typically following on from Proof of Concept testing under the danalto d-IoT™ Managed Service. danalto turnkey solution allows all aspects of the danalto managed Service to be brought into the operational IT environment of business, as required.  Having got familiar with the technology, proven the value of the use cases performance under our Managed Services offerings, business have a seamless means by which innovative IoT solutions can be adopted as another pillar of overall business Operations.  danalto's system architecture, technology partnerships and follow on professional services, allow businesses to take full control of their IoT estate. 

With a commitment to the delivery of proven and hardened solutions, no matter your current internal IT environment, danalto's fully supported end-to-end turnkey solutions are delivered either as an independent IT component or fully integrated to it.


  • Migrate from a Managed Service to captive IoT deployment seamlessly

  • Fully scaleable device, network and IoT low energy services across your business.

  • Over the top delivery model.  Non impacting or dependent on current IT operation

  • Rapid deployment of flexible IoT solutions.  

  • A fttiered support model to fit  your operational model

  • Extensive training and handover technical and operational packages provided 

  • A single provider for all your low energy IoT needs


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