danalto is a low power IoT platform which provides high-accuracy location services across indoor and outdoor environments.

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Danalto's mission

We make Asset Tracking simple

danalto provides high-accuracy location services in open spaces with minimal power and infrastructure requirements.

danalto's IoT Solutions & Technologies offer...

Outdoor and indoor tracking

Uniform indoor & outdoor asset tracking for large open spaces


Integrated LoRa 2.4 GHz support with existing technologies (e.g. GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB)

danalto technologies
data to and from the cloud

Critical insights and user-friendly control over your environment


Sustainable cost savings and new revenue opportunities

Save Money


Our IoT services and solutions deliver great benefits

Low density campus tracking

Campus Wide

Enhanced location services across large open spaces –
both indoor and outdoor.
10km range

Long-Range, Low-Power, Low-Cost

LoRa 2.4 GHz technology – effective when GPS is not suitable – for example, due to covered areas, canyoning, or high battery requirements.
tracking mobile
Asset positioning and proximity use cases supported
Low density versus high density campus tracking
10 time fewer anchors

LoRa 2.4 GHz Technology

Less infrastructure required than traditional models: up to 10x fewer anchors for the same range and metre accuracy.
danalto tracking

danalto IoT Platform

danalto IoT cloud orchestration platform gives full visibility and control over tracked and managed assets. Supports hybrid cloud/on-premise deployment.
danalto has 5-meter accuracy


danalto provides sub 5m approximate position/location accuracy in large open spaces.
danalto low powered longer battery life with inbuilt data network with low infrastructure

Sustainable, Low Energy, Cost-effective Solution

tracking graphic

Track assets and personnel with LoRa 2.4 GHz

Track assets and personnel with LoRa 2.4 GHz at a lower cost compared to traditional technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi using less fixed infrastructure and reducing complexity of the network.

danalto tags for tracking

Reduce opex with extended battery life tags
(5 years +)

Tags with extended battery life (5 years +) can now be deployed to support outdoor positioning and proximity use cases. This is 10 times longer than the 6 months typically available for GPS tags.


danalto's IoT Platform

Our distributed IoT platform provides location services from device to cloud, enabling asset tracking and management across large open spaces, with minimal infrastructure and investment.
danalto Asset Tracking chart

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