Cardinal is a low power IoT platform which provides high-accuracy positioning intelligence services across large open environments.

Our trusted partners include: 

Danalto's mission

Rich Design. Simple Deployment.

danalto provides high-accuracy positioning intelligence services in open spaces with minimal power and infrastructure requirements.

Cardinal offers...

Outdoor and Indoor Asset Tracking

Uniform positioning intelligence platform


Radio agnostic capability, enabling GNSS, LoRa, UWB, & WiFi

Multi-Radio Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking Data Analysis

Critical insights and user-friendly control over your environment


Sustainable cost savings and new revenue opportunities

Asset Tracking at Reduced Cost


Our IoT services and solutions deliver great benefits


CardinalTM Platform

Our distributed IoT platform provides location services from device to cloud, enabling asset tracking and management across large open spaces, with minimal infrastructure and investment.
danalto Asset Tracking

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