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We are group of people that solve real world problems at scale with practical solutions. Getting our hands dirty and fingers burnt is part of the challenge and opportunity of IoT. Bringing IoT in from the  Wild and managing and controlling this to the benefit of businesses, commerce and individuals is what keeps our cadence.  

Smart, lightweight deployed devices are increasingly connecting everything together.  We provide the services and technologies that assure Enterprises that they are always connected to their realtime business intelligence. 

This is danalto.


danalto's  IoT Solutions and Services help bring up the businesses cadence by providing data and insight to where it is needed in business operations. With technologies embedded at all levels of the IoT connected solutions, danalto assure the accurate and assured delivery of data and intelligence to businesses, no matter your sensing or actuation need. 

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Our mission is to make IoT service and technology adoption and deployment easy for Enterprises everywhere

danalto delivers flexible and low cost connectivity solutions and technologies which release the potential of low power sensing (Internet of Things). We are well placed to customise long range and low power solutions depending on customer needs, e.g. farm, hospital, airport, city, dept store, factory.  The potential that enterprises can tap into is vast and low cost devices at scale are possible to deploy with relative ease compared to traditional machine to machine approaches - this is where danalto excels.



Value delivered through the deployment of flexible, low cost, low energy connectivity solutions and technologies. 

Everyday danalto's Managed IoT Solutions and services provides the DNA for businesses to build and improve their operations, delivering on their Corporate Social responsibilities, moving the needle on energy optimisation and enabling  better businesses.  Seeing data when and how a business needs it, is what we are about.  This is provided in a low cost, sustainable and socially conscious manner through low energy deployed technologies, in network optimisation techniques and leveraging the scale and economics of Cloud or private Data Centre infrastructure.

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