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Asset Tracking

Low Power Wide Area tracking

Asset Tracking
danalto’s distributed IoT platform has the ability to passively track a device’s location across wide open spaces between anchor points. Radio signals are analyzed to determine location. danalto provides highly accurate location over large distances with little infrastructure and at a lower cost than traditional technologies like GPS, BLE, UWB, or WiFi. Two-way ranging and advanced ranging are two techniques used to uncover the device’s location. danalto offers these location services as part of our solution set, and have seen use cases in palette tracking for better operations, warehouse vehicle tracking for optimized use, and people tracking to improve health and safety procedures. danalto’s latest location service utilizes LoRa® @ 2.4 GHz as the core technology and can achieve accuracies of 5-10m over 5+ km area with tags that operate at ultra low power and last for 5+ years.

'Near Outdoors' Concept

Near outdoors explanation graphic - danalto tracking is better than just GPS Solutions and just Bluetooth & Wifi

Unlike traditional tracking technologies, danalto offers location services for both indoor and outdoor, large, open environments.

GPS is widely deployed, however, it is unable to provide location data for assets under covered areas or indoors. GPS is also known to require frequent battery replacements and separate, backhaul data networks, both of which drive up operational costs.

Other solutions such as Bluetooth and WiFi are commonly used within buildings and in more refined locations. This is due to their limited range and poor accuracy out of doors, as well as their need for a dense network infrastructure.

danalto’s tracking solution combines the best features of both of these solutions, providing high-accuracy asset location tracking over wide areas, with little infrastructure or battery maintenance required.

LoRa® 2.4GHz Technology Characteristics

danalto Vin Diagram of indoor and outdoor network showing anchor density

Illustrated in the chart above, the danalto tracking solution is currently the only solution offering high-position accuracy (5m) with relatively low network infrastructure/anchor density requirements, while fitting both indoor and outdoor areas.

danalto Tags

danalto tags

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