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danalto Win Second Contract with European Space Agency

Dublin, Ireland, 30th of August 2023 – danalto Ltd., a Dublin-based IoT software company specializing in positioning and spatial intelligence technologies, have won their second contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). To date, multiple terrestrial signals of opportunity have sought to incrementally alleviate the blind spots of indoor or GNSS-denied environments, but generally have not possessed the necessary position, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities needed for massive scale deployment. This contract focuses on removing the need for dense infrastructure of indoor positioning technologies at an economic cost through building out the IT services layer. 

The resulting solution will be compatible with danalto’s radio-agnostic platform, Cardinal™, which enables the real-time, tracking, visualization, and analysis of location data through a single sign-on. Supporting use cases across multiple industries, including Oil, Gas, & Mining, Healthcare, Logistics and Emergency Services, this innovation will accelerate the increased adoption of location positioning solutions within the European market and beyond.  

danalto’s previous ESA contract, which was announced in November 2021, demonstrated the best-of-breed, low-infrastructure, indoor location technologies that complement GNSS/Galileo.   This activity serves as a building block for the current contract, in which location boosters and danalto’s Cardinal™ platform will be further developed and scaled for seamless wide-spread deployment.  

Niall Bolger, Senior Development Advisor at Enterprise Ireland and member of the Irish Delegation to the European Space Agency states: “Enterprise Ireland is delighted to see danalto securing a second contract with ESA. Ireland continues to support ESA’s navigation programmes which seek to further develop positioning, navigation and timing solutions utilizing the EU’s leading Galileo GNSS satellite constellation, as well as complimentary technologies such as being explored in danalto’s case.” 

David McDonald, danalto Co-founder and CEO, said: “With the support of the European Space Agency, danalto will be able to extend location capability into currently unserviceable areas and soon eliminate the time wasted being lost or searching for lost assets, for example. This will have a major impact on business operations, worker safety and experiences, etc. and we are excited to be operating at the forefront of positioning intelligence services.”  

danalto was founded in 2017 and is backed by leading institutional investors. To learn more about danalto’s positioning intelligence services, visit their website or follow on LinkedIn or Twitter for updates.  

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