danalto Partners with Miromico AG to Offer Location Services with a New LoRa® @ 2.4 GHz Transceiver Module

Albert Baker
Albert Baker

Chief Operations Officer

danalto and Miromico have collaborated with Miromico’s new FMLR-8x-x-STLx modules, which are based on Semtech’s LoRa® @ 2.4 GHz technology. These modules will be produced and distributed through Avnet Silica, the semiconductor specialist division of Avnet Inc. and one of the leading technology distributors in the world. 

By combining danalto’s distributed IoT platform and firmware with Miromico’s hardware, the FMLR-8x-x-STLx LoRa® 2.4 GHz modules enable wireless connectivity to devices, systems, and sensors communicating over long distances or with high data rates, and support long range Time-of-Flight (ToF ranging) distance-measurement. Additionally, power consumption can be optimized to run from a small-sized battery at ultra-low power, lasting for 5+ years.

danalto’s distributed IoT platform has the ability to passively track a device’s (SX1280) location across open spaces between anchor points. Radio signals are analyzed to determine location. danalto IoT provides highly accurate location services over large distances with little infrastructure, and at a lower cost than traditional technologies like GPS, BLE, UWB, or WiFi.

By leveraging Miromico’s best-in-class devices, which include the SX1280, danalto have been able to take a revolutionary step forward in location services for large open spaces. danalto now offers sub-5m location accuracy across 5+km areas, 10x fewer anchor requirements, and batteries lasting up to 10x longer than other market options. With these capabilities, danalto makes asset tracking simple by lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies more than ever before.

To read more about this partnership and the technology behind the new FMLR-8x-x-STLx modules, consider checking out our detailed press release.


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