Adopter Program Webinar

Join danalto for a live webinar launching our new Adopter Program.

We will be accompanied by our partners, Miromico and MultiTech, as we walk through our full end-to-end solution and explain how you can deploy high-accuracy asset tracking in just 4 easy steps.

danalto’s LoRa 2.4 GHz solution makes asset tracking simple, achieving sub-5 meter location accuracies in both indoor and outdoor environments, with less infrastructure and at a lower cost than traditional tracking technologies.

March 15, 2021

3:00 PM GMT   |  9:00AM CST

Albert Baker Headshot e1613671967496

Albert Baker

Chief Operations Offer, danalto


Alex Raimondi

Chief Executive Officer, Miromico

Dan Quant MultiTech

Daniel Quant

VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech

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Adopter Program Webinar

Explore danalto’s end-to-end solution which makes asset tracking simple with LoRa 2.4 GHz in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Join us and our partners, Miromico & MultiTech, to learn how you can get started with asset tracking through our new Adopter Program.


The Things Conference 2021

danalto is presenting a keynote presentation and a live workshop session with partners Miromico and MultiTech at The Things Conference 2021.

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