danalto + Sewio Indoor & Outdoor Location Webinar


Indoor & Outdoor Location, One Data Set Webinar w/ Sewio Networks


Watch to learn about tracking assets and personnel across diverse indoor & outdoor environments with Ultrawideband (UWB) technology and multi-radio positioning intelligence.

About the Workshop

When tackling the challenge of gathering location or positioning data of people or things anywhere, we cannot be limited by the surrounding environments where they are located. In this webinar, danalto and Sewio discuss indoor-to-outdoor tracking capability achieved with Sewio Ultrawideband (UWB) technology and danalto’s multi-radio positioning platform, Cardinal™.

Merging location data from multiple tag sets or radio technologies is not easily available today. Single systems / tags are designed to only serve specific environments. For example, GNSS may be able to track you driving across town but will lose accuracy if you move indoors. On the flipside, UWB plays a vital role in providing fine-range location data necessary for tracking within buildings or dense environments but could not practically cover large outdoor spaces or business campuses. So, what happens when a company wants to monitor their assets’ location across diverse environments? They can:

Prioritize and track within just one environment which:

  • Solves only some of the problem and creates blind spots when reviewing our person / assets journey

Deploy a single solution across their site, which:

  • Can increase infrastructure costs
  • Still results in poor coverage

Or, deploy multiple solutions to cover each environment, which is:

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to manage – siloed data sets
  • Still relies on manual management – how do we gain insights when looking at two or more systems?

danalto’s Cardinal™ platform ingests data from best-of-breed positioning radios and utilizes signal strength and advanced algorithms to determine single points of position. By partnering with Sewio, danalto has strengthened its positioning intelligence offering which enables the seamless tracking of assets or personnel across indoor and outdoor environments.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Receive an overview of “Multi-Radio Positioning Intelligence”
  • Learn about Sewio UWB technology
  • Hear about relevant indoor + outdoor tracking use cases
  • See a demo of the Cardinal™ platform

This webinar is relevant for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Oil, Gas, & Mining
  • Energy

Meet the Speakers

Albert BakerChief Operating Officer @ danalto Ltd.

  • Albert has a decade of experience working for Tier 1 telecom operators in Ireland and the Netherlands in the design and optimisation roles within large Core and Radio teams for 3/4G and scaled M2M networks. He has been deeply involved in IoT device and service innovations since 2015, leading to the co-founding of danalto in 2017. Along with his interest in Music and Creative Media, Albert has a keen interest in geo-location without GPS. Albert holds a B.A and M.Phil degrees from Trinity College Dublin.

Petr SedláčekVP Sales of North America @ Sewio Networks

  • Petr has a strong background in using location intelligence to solve everyday challenges in Manufacturing and Logistics operations, mostly focusing on Ultra-Wideband indoor location technology. With almost a decade in the field, most of his experience comes from the Automotive, Aerospace, and Metals Industries as well as Warehousing environments. His technical background allows him to identify and help optimize plant processes as well as safety with the use of location data.

Patrick McGowanSales & Industry Consultant @ danalto Ltd.

  • Patrick McGowan has over 25 years of experience in the sensor, BLE, UWB, RFID, drone and software solutions industry, and has been a leader and innovator in connecting intelligent sensor network technology to the world of increased visibility and tracking across significant industries, including oil, gas mining (OGM), nuclear, construction, power generation, aerospace, and defense.

About Sewio Networks

Sewio Networks is a manufacturer of real-time location system (RTLS) that drives business results for manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, OEMs and more.

It provides customers and partners a precise, reliable, fully scalable and customer-centric IoT solution for indoor location tracking that enables companies to achieve greater efficiency, profitability and safety. Sewio customers include: Volkswagen, Toyota, Budweiser Budvar, TPCA, Škoda, ENEL.

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