LoRa® 2.4 GHz – A breakthrough in low-cost, low-energy location and data services

Danalto joins Semtech and Convert Technologies to discuss location services enabled by LoRa® 2.4GHz technology. Danalto’s FiLo™ positioning intelligence solution was the first to the global market to utilize LoRa® 2.4GHz and can achieve sub-5 metre location accuracies.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn about Semtech LoRa®’s ranging technology and full Edge-to-Cloud IoT solution
  • Be introduced to the basic principles of localization systems based upon ranging
  • Learn about danalto’s FiLo positioning and front-end Cardinal dashboard through real-world use cases using LoRa 2.4GHz tracking
  • Be introduced to Convert Technologies’ LoRa 2.4-enabled TaCT platform

danalto Featured Speakers:

  • David McDonald – CEO
  • Finbarr Coghlan – Chief Product Officer

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