Avnet Silica Announces Release of Miromico Modules Used in danalto Asset Tracking

Albert Baker
Albert Baker

Chief Operations Officer

Semiconductor manufacturer, Avnet Silica, has announced the release of Miromico’s LoRa and LoRaWAN IoT transceiver modules. Known as the FMLR-8x-x-STLx, these modules are based on Semtech’s LoRa 2.4 GHz technology and enable wireless connection and high data rate communication between sensors, devices, and systems over long distances. 

Miromico is in partnership with danalto, through which their LoRa 2.4 modules have been utilized as a part of danalto’s Asset Tracking solution. danalto Asset Tracking provides high-accuracy location services for open spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and with 10x less power and infrastructure requirements than GNSS or WiFi. With the addition of Miromico’s transceiver modules, danalto is able to achieve location data at long distances across wide open areas. 

This is crucial to our customers as many are in need of reliable, campus-wide asset tracking, but are limited by low-power requirements. This can take shape in many different use cases, ranging from monitoring employee activity and safety levels on an active mining site to  tracking the logistics of an item as it moves throughout a warehouse. 

For a detailed look into Miromico’s FMLR capabilities, please check out Avnet’s latest press release, here.

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