danalto Hosts Webinar to Introduce Asset Tracking Adopter Program

Albert Baker
Albert Baker

Chief Operations Officer

Last week danalto hosted our first-ever webinar to showcase our Asset Tracking solution with LoRa® 2.4 GHz, and to officially introduce our new Adopter Program

We welcomed over 200 registrants from a variety of industries who tuned in from all over the world. We were very pleased by this response and are happy to confirm that the growing interest in tracking for open spaces is evident! 

During the hour we were joined by our partners at Miromico and MultiTech, who provided an inside look into their respective hardware components. The Miromico SX1280 modules and MultiTech Conduit® gateways each play a key role in facilitating our tracking technology which achieves sub-5 meter location accuracies in open spaces – both indoor and outdoor – with less power and infrastructure than traditional tracking technologies.

Embedded with danalto firmware, the Miromico SX1280 modules allow for advanced ranging and high-duty cycle communication with LoRa® 2.4 transmission. These modules are placed in rugged IP65 housing which can be used as a wearable tag for personnel tracking, or can be attached to moving assets such as forklifts, pallets, or barrels. 

danalto firmware also enables ranging capabilities on the MultiTech Gateways, which support LoRa® 2.4 with their new, globally deployable MTAC-LORA-2g4-3 mCards. Using triangulation, these Conduits® communicate with deployed tags and transmit data onward to the danalto cloud platform. It is here that danalto’s location solver can determine asset positioning through reverse Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and data is presented to end users over danalto’s front-end applications (or privately via danalto’s API). 

As a part of our new Adopter Program, end users will be able to quickly and easily get started with danalto Asset Tracking. In a single kit, Adopters will receive x5 Miromico Tags, x4 MultiTech Gateways, and access to danalto’s front end platform with unlimited location fixes over a 3-month period. This program will also entail private consultation with the danalto Team to ensure optimal deployment, implementation, and operation. 

If you are interested in viewing the webinar or learning more about danalto Asset Tracking and our Adopter Program, please follow the links below.

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