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CardinalTM Overview

danalto’s distributed IoT platform, CardinalTM, provides positioning intelligence services from device to cloud, enabling asset tracking and management across large open spaces, with minimal infrastructure and investment.
danalto Distributed IoT

CardinalTM makes it easy and cost effective to gain location insights for people and things. The platform provides highly accurate location and positioning intelligence, with less infrastructure and power requirements than traditional GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi solutions.

CardinalTM combines a distributed set of tracking capabilities across device, edge, and cloud contexts by embedding positioning intelligence at the device and gateway, and orchestrating location services via the cloud. danalto makes it easy to build highly scalable asset tracking and asset management solutions.

danalto‘s distributed processing architecture gives our customers a seamless environment for locating and managing devices anywhere in their campus. danalto is designed to use up to 10x less infrastructure than traditional location service technologies, and require 5x less battery power – thus reducing operational cost.

danalto’s end-to-end orchestration of positioning intelligence services ensures simple coordination of all processing entities, from deployment right through to run-time, so that overall tracking performance and cost are optimized.


Distribution IoT focused on the Device


  • Advanced Ranging
  • LoRa® 2.4 GHz communication – high-duty cycle communication
  • Downlink communication
  • Firmware Upgrade over the Air


  • Power saving, support large scale
  • Increased bandwidth compared to sub-GHz LoRa®
  • Control of device behaviour, remote device configuration
  • Zero touch maintenance


Distribution IoT focused on the Edge


  • LoRa® 2.4 GHz interoperability with other 2.4 GHz technologies
  • Ranging capability enabled by danalto software
  • 2.4GHz band globally deployable


  • Resilient to interference from existing WiFi/BLE networks
  • Device determines its own location
  • Single technology effective regardless of geography worldwide


Distribution IoT focused on the Cloud


  • Location Solver
  • Application Server
  • Geo-fencing


  • Provides accurate location of each device in the network
  • Enables data display, analysis, event and alerting
  • Allows users to define zones and customise solution for their deployment area

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