danalto + Actility Critical Location Workshop


Critical Location Workshop w/ Actility


Watch to learn about making informed decisions and transforming business practices in the OGM, Construction, and Energy sectors with multi-radio positioning intelligence.

About the Workshop

The digital transformation wave is sweeping across industries, and critical location data is being recognized more than ever as an essential tool for future business operations. However, identifying the best innovative solutions, especially for unique use cases and high-risk environments, can be challenging. Join danalto and Actility as we explore how the latest positioning intelligence solutions are enabling the digital transformation of OGM, Construction & Energy Industries.

During this webinar, industry experts in positioning intelligence and industrial digital transformation will share their knowledge, experience, and insights. We will discuss how utilizing critical location data has transformed industry practices to date and understand how multiple tracking technologies can be combined to provide the best results in unique use case environments.

Our presenters will take a deep dive into the wide application of tracking technology in the monitoring of high-value assets, personnel health and safety, and improving operational efficiency.

Our webinar presenters will take you through a live demo of danalto’s Cardinal™ Platform, a radio-agnostic front-end platform for positioning intelligence use cases. You will also receive an overview of Abeeway tracking devices for mobile assets.

During the webinar, we will discuss how multiple tracking technologies, like GPS, LoRaWAN®, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), UWB, and Wi-Fi, can be used to deliver accurate results in challenging environments like construction sites or oil rigs and will showcase case studies of industry-specific use cases across the OGM, Construction, and Energy sectors.

Finally, our presenters will discuss the benefits of a radio-agnostic platform in serving unique, evolving, and high-density environments, and how the danalto solution can work hand-in-hand with Abeeway & Actility to better serve clients.

This webinar provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to get insights into the digital transformation taking place across key industries and how they can leverage critical location data to improve health and safety, securing the chain of custody, and business optimization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts, ask questions, and walk away with a better understanding of how you can digitally transform your business with accurate and precise location data.

Meet the Speakers

Albert BakerChief Operating Officer @ danalto Ltd.

  • Albert has a decade of experience working for Tier 1 telecom operators in Ireland and the Netherlands in the design and optimisation roles within large Core and Radio teams for 3/4G and scaled M2M networks. He has been deeply involved in IoT device and service innovations since 2015, leading to the co-founding of danalto in 2017. Along with his interest in Music and Creative Media, Albert has a keen interest in geo-location without GPS. Albert holds a B.A and M.Phil degrees from Trinity College Dublin.

Patrick McGowanSales & Industry Consultant @ danalto Ltd.

  • Patrick McGowan has over 25 years of experience in the sensor, BLE, UWB, RFID, drone and software solutions industry, and has been a leader and innovator in connecting intelligent sensor network technology to the world of increased visibility and tracking across significant industries, including oil, gas mining (OGM), nuclear, construction, power generation, aerospace, and defense.

Alex Guskov – Business Development Director, Americas @ Actility

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