Digitalization in Oil & Gas Conference


Digitalization in Oil & Gas Conference 2023

Meet with danalto in person at the 9th annual Digitalization in Oil & Gas conference.

danalto will be participating at the 9th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference. As a significant event that consistently brings together hundreds of global oil and gas technology executives and the world’s most innovative digital technology companies, this conference serves as a platform to discuss and showcase the latest case studies and solutions in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.
This conference combines the worlds’ largest and most senior network of digitalization events for the energy sector, focusing on Edge Computing, Blockchain, IoT, Connectivity, and Digital Twins. Specific to the Oil & Gas industry, this event hones in on digitalization challenges and opportunities ranging from technology selection, onboarding,  reducing field accidents, supply chain optimization, and developing cyber security standards, to real-world cases from companies including bp, Shell, Repsol, Ovintiv, Phillips 66, Lubrizol, Dow, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Petrobras, and Pioneer Natural Resources. 
Danalto will be located at Booth 108 alongside our partner, Actility/Abeeway.
Real time location data is a powerful and underutilized tool within the Oil & Gas industry. Crucial for predictive maintenance, risk mitigation, and overall operational transparency, location data analysis has the potential to completely transform OGM operations globally. Utilizing danalto’s Cardinal Platform and Abeeway GPS/GNSS devices,  high-value assets or personnel can be located or tracked in real-time, effectively optimizing operations, improving site safety, and enhancing efficiency.
Our solutions can adapt to the complex and demanding environments found in Oil & Gas infrastructures, ensuring seamless communication and actionable insights. Stop by our booth to learn how our joint offering may suit your Oil & Gas use case during the show. 
When: September 14-15, 2023
Where: Hilton Americas, Houston, Texas

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