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danalto Press Release 5th Feb. 2020

Press Release

Dublin Ireland
5th February, 2020

danalto’s next generation ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) Technology measures the renewable energy transition for Tipperary Energy Agency

It is estimated that 1 million Irish homes have poor insulation and 27 million UK homes will require a retrofit –

Enterprise Ireland client company ‘danalto’ a pioneer in future Smart Cities IoT technology, has been chosen by the Tipperary Energy Agency to provide a precise means of measuring, monitoring and analysing the benefits of the Deep Retrofit Programme (DRP), using its cardinal platform, which will be deployed by six agencies across 150 homes by late Spring 2020

Energy sustainability starts at home and with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Deep Retrofit Programme the process to upgrade Ireland’s housing stock has begun. Central to this programme has been the quantification of the benefits and impacts of the adoption of new renewable sources of energy and systems in the residential community.

To address the challenge faced by Energy Agencies, danalto, a TCD Research spin out, has deployed its IoT (Internet-of-Things) technologies and cardinal platform to find the right-sized economical solution for such an ambitious programme using the latest cloud based, IoT orchestration technologies.

The residential sector accounts for 22.1% of energy demand in Ireland (2017) while there are over 1 million homes with poor insulation or inefficient heating systems. In the UK, the task is even more challenging, with up to 27 million residential retrofits being required. Danalto and our partners are embracing the challenge of enabling and managing this necessary transition.

Commenting on the announcement, Albert Baker, COO, danalto, said: “The journey to become even greener as a nation has truly started and we see danalto providing the intelligence and insights to the Agencies and Government Authority to inform and direct policies and incentives to guide this transition. We are excited to work with thought leaders in the renewable energy space, such as Tipperary Energy Agency to help deliver our energy future”.

Paul Kenny, CEO, Tipperary Energy Agency, commented: “Confidence is central to the delivery of high-quality retrofits, confidence in the technology, particularly heat pumps, but also in the renovation as a whole. Our market leading Superhomes Deep retrofit methodology is underpinned by monitoring and analysis from danalto, proving the energy savings claimed are delivered. danalto’s ‘Cardinal platform’ gives us the accuracy, reliability and user interface to deliver this confidence to all our customers.”

For further information please contact press@danalto.com

About danalto:
danalto is a leading provider of next generation ‘Internet of things’ service creation and operation technologies for massive scale low energy IoT applications. Our mission is to make IoT service and technology adoption and deployment easy for enterprises everywhere.

About Tipperary Energy Agency
Tipperary Energy Agency CLG is a non-profit public good energy agency that provides energy multi-disciplinary consultancy to residential, public and private organisations to drastically reduce their energy use, particularly the elimination of fossil heating and CO2 emissions.

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